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While all attempts have been made to accurately represent the product, the author does not assume any responsibility for errors, omissions or contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein. The results experienced by the author of this website and by the users of this product should not be regarded as indicative of what each and every user will experience. The author of this website and the products advertised is not a medical expert or a professional practitioner. The advice provided is for educational and informational purposes only. Although the methods described have proven to be safe, the author cannot be held liable for any damage caused by the use of this material. If you have any doubts about the suitability of the product for you personally, you should first consult a doctor or other accredited medical practitioner.

Privacy Policy

The privacy of our customers is extremely important to us. If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, please use the Contact link below to send us an email.

We reserve the right to gather statistical data of the website usage in order to improve the website. None of the data gathered is personally identifiable. The data is only used for statistical analysis. Parts of the data gathering and analysis functionality is provided by Google Analytics and Google Adwords Conversions Tracking services.

Any email addresses or other personal information you provide us is kept in privacy and will not be given or sold to any third parties. The only exceptions to this are when it is necessary to: (1) conform to legal requirements or comply with the legal process, (2) protect and defend the rights or property of MaleMultiOrgasm.com and its owners, (3) enforce our terms of use, (4) respect the transfer of opted-in prospect information if MaleMultiOrgasm.com is ever transferred to a new owner, in which case the new owner must obey these same terms, or (5) act to protect the interests of our users or public welfare.

All feedback from our customers is placed on the website only with explicit consent of the respective authors. Any personal data provided by such customers (name, initials, location, age) is publicly displayed or censored according to their explicitly stated personal preference.

We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time.


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